Get your clients excited about nutrition with our unique online platform that makes nutrition truly accessible.


Educate your clients on what they should be eating and why, visually on our platform.


Give your clients access to their own meal plans, thereby empowering them with the tools they need to take control of their nutrition.


Give your clients the the support they need, when they need it.

Powerful, Intuitive Tools

Tools that put you in control

  Drag-and-Drop Meal Planner

Search our database of over 24 000 foods, complete with comprehensive nutritional information.
Simply drag-and-drop foods into each meal as you quickly build up your library of meal plans.

  Meal Macro Composer

Adjust food portions for each meal to reach specific caloric requirements.
Creating highly individualized meal plans, specific to each client.

  Client Support

Connect to your client through our online tools allowing you to send and receive messages.
Improving your ability to support your clients, resulting in a greater degree of success.


  Private Community Forum

Get your own, online Private Community Forum allowing you to stay in touch with all your members, past and present.
Post recipes, tips, events, surveys, advice and specials to all your members, keeping your members informed and engaged with you and your business.

  Free Listing

Get your own free, public page for your business on our website.
Use it to gain additional exposure for your business and brand to a captive audience of people interested in nutritional services.

  Zone Tooling

For businesses using The Zone Diet, we offer additional tooling that allows you to effectively calculate required blocks and auto-calculate entire meal plans according to client macro requirements.

Drag-and-Drop Meal Planner

Take the pain and time out of creating meal plans with our easy to use, unique drag-and-drop meal planning technology

More than 24 000 Foods

Food List

We've partnered with Nutritionix to give you access to the entire USDA Common Foods database.

Access more than 24 000 foods complete with all the macro/micro nutrient information to allow you to create unique, highly customized and exacting meal plans for your customers.

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Meal Builder

Creating meal plans have never been quicker or easier.

Using drag-and-drop technology you can quickly drag foods to your meal and then adjust portions according to the desired meal calories/macros.

Create your own library of meal plan templates, then tailor them to each individuals requirements.

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Get Closer to your Client

Adherence is the key to success in any nutritional program.


Be Their Guide

Adherence is the key to success in any nutritional program. But how do you ensure adherence when you're not with your client? Simple, you get closer to them.

By being pro-active in your communication with your client, you immediately improve your relationship with them and can pre-empt and prevent any potential issues they may be experiencing.

They see you more as their guide, as invested in them and they immediately become more accountable and compliant, thereby maximizing adherence to the program as well as their chance of success.

Our collaboration and support tools are ideally suited to getting you closer to your client.

What our customers say

Here's what our customers are saying about our Nutrition Profressional Platform

Nutrition advice forms the foundation of the service we offer at CrossFit Jozi. We previously managed all nutrition coaching and programs on spreadsheets, but now it's all managed on KitchnBox. It's reduced our admin load significantly, and despite having to do less it's enabled us to grow our revenue. KitchnBox is a simple and user friendly nutrition management platform - for health and fitness professionals, it's use should be a no brainer.
Imtiaz Desai
Crossfit Jozi
The KitchnBox Professional services have provided our coaching team and members with an easy to navigate and versatile lifestyle tool to help manage nutrition. Coaches have the ability to effectively guide their clients on their journey to health. For members the body composition tools and meal plan tools provide valuable insight into macro and micro-nutrients, getting to grips with meal portions and creating simple but delicious and nutritious food
Carl Alfonso
CFJ East
I am always personally attracted to a program that continues to have updates and is quite progressive.
Being a business owner I am even more demanding and this another reason why I feel that kitchnbox comes out top!
I'd highly recommend the business /club /training studio owner to invest their time and energy into this as it will only add value to what you're offering already.
We all know that diet plays a massive role in any body success story, so to save yourself the time and energy you could be using for something else in your business this is the way to go. The body results speak for themselves!
Massimo Stocchi
EMX Squared London
2 Joseph Road, Silvamonte,
Johannesburg, 2192

+27 81 893-2147
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