The KitchnBox™ Lifestyle Challenge

For Companies & Small Businesses

What is it?

The KitchnBox Lifestyle Challenge is an online, team building, nutrition and fitness challenge that focusses on improving your employee’s health, fitness and general wellbeing over 6 weeks.

The challenge takes the form of an online game which is scored based on the adherence to the 4 core rules of the challenge, i.e.: Nutrition, Activity, Mobility and Water consumption. Adherence to a rule earns the participant a point for each day.

Scores are totalled on our leader boards where we have a global leader board and an in-company leader board, private to your company only.

Team play is encouraged and your employees can create their own teams to compete both internally and globally.

We create a fun, healthy and community driven environment for your employees to participate, compete and enjoy together as a team.

How does this benefit my company?

Team Building

Team building events have proven effective in building cohesion amongst employees, however, typical team building events usually last a day or so. Their effects, whilst powerful, taper off over time. The sense of positivity and renewed energy felt immediately after a team building event is invaluable to a company but maintaining its’ effects for longer periods are difficult.

With our challenge, you’re putting your employees on a 6-week team building event. And through this shared and challenging experience, they’re building deeper, longer lasting relationships. The effects of which remain considerably longer.

Exposure for your Company

When you sign up we welcome you publicly on our social networking accounts. We also publicly recognize your contribution to the charity we align with at the time of each challenge.

This gives your company exposure as a brand that cares about their employees’ welfare as well as one that is concerned about social responsibility.


We have a dedicated communication platform where your employees get to share their experience with one another. This opens the door to new friendships, comradery and unity amongst your employees, thereby improving overall communication within your company.

Company Morale

When companies show genuine interest in the health and wellbeing of their staff, company morale is automatically uplifted. Combine this with a shared experience and you’re sure to see a lift in your company’s morale.


Healthy people are productive people.

Healthy staff take less sick leave, which is a major expense to any company. Healthy people are also more motivated, happy and productive.

Health (fitness) is achieved through good nutrition and exercise.

Goal Setting (SMART)

Our challenge helps your employees set realistic goals and reach them. This is a skill directly transferred to your workplace. We use the S.M.A.R.T. acronym to get the participants to set their own health/fitness goals at the beginning of the challenge and we motivate, inspire and coach them through to the realization of these goals. Achieving these goals, through our challenge, ingrains the principles of SMART into each participant such that they can apply this going forward into their daily lives. Nothing works like trying a principle, executing it and ultimately achieving what you set out to do with it.


As the challenge progresses, your employees are constantly being held accountable for their actions. I.E. If they ate badly on the weekend, they miss their nutrition points, which impacts negatively on their team. This elevates ones’ sense of accountability and is a merit that each of our participants builds over the 6 weeks and takes forward into their personal and professional lives.

Habit Formation

By mid-challenge, the participants would’ve realized that certain things that they found difficult at the beginning (exercise, eating well etc.) have now become easier. Not because any of the rules have changed, but because doing them consistently has now become a habit for them.

The participant, at this stage, doesn’t need to expend any extra energy doing these things and can therefore focus this ‘new’ energy elsewhere in their life.

The process of habit formation is applicable to all areas of life, and is most effective when applied at the workplace. Once each participant has gone through the process, they then realize how to apply it to their professional lives.

Who can do the challenge?

Anyone that is interested in improving their health and general well-being. It’s appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.

Its strength is in being all about the individual improving themselves and using the challenge as a source of motivation, support and sense of community.

How does the challenge work exactly?

The Start

Your employees start by taking an assessment. Each person captures their measurements then proceeds to choose a nutritional level that they will stick to throughout the challenge.

Our nutritional guidelines offer three levels of ‘difficulty’/’strictness’ and dictates what foods they can and can’t eat throughout the challenge. Once the level is chosen they proceed to the fitness tests.

A fitness test dictates a measurable workout that must be performed at the beginning of the challenge, and again at the end. This is used to see their improvement in fitness over the challenge.

Once the nutrition level and fitness test has been chosen the challenge begins.


Every day participants are required to record their scores in each of the 4 main rules: nutrition, activity, mobility and water. This makes each player accountable whilst building and re-enforcing key habits throughout the challenge.

Scoring and progress is then posted on the Challenge leader boards, this motivates and encourages participants to continuously strive to hit all their points each day.

You get access to your company leader board and a private communications platform that you will use to monitor and encourage your employees throughout the challenge. This is key in running a successful challenge in your company.

Each participant has access to our unique challenge dashboard, where participants can ask us questions and receive both nutritional and exercise related advice. They also have access to our online challenge forum where they get to meet and communicate with other people on the challenge. This creates a really friendly, supportive and fun community.

We also post recipes, tips and guidance under our forums to make sure everyone is fully supported throughout the challenge.

The End

At the end of the challenge, each person needs to do a re-assessment of their measurements and fitness tests. This then gets fed into the lead board scoring and the winners are announced.

You’ll see the winners in your company and we encourage you to do a prize giving event at the end of the challenge and use it as an opportunity to connect with your employees and recognize their achievements within the challenge.

We don’t officially do any prizes from our end and leave that up to each individual company to provide.

How do I launch the Challenge in my Company?

Once you register we’ll provide all the support and advice you’ll need to run a successful challenge in your company.

We’ll provide you with:

  • Instructions on how to start and run a successful challenge in your company
  • Event ideas and opportunities to engage with your employees
  • Promotional material (Introductory Email, Banners etc.)
  • A complimentary entry for you
  • Tooling to view your company’s teams and members
  • Communications tooling to help you keep your members motivated, encouraged and involved
  • A private Company Lead board to see how your employees are doing against each other.

We’ll also setup your company on our platform to make it as easy as possible for your employees to join you on KitchnBox.


Your Employees

We provide your employees with ongoing support throughout the challenge through our platform. There’s an in challenge dashboard with a chat panel that gives your employees direct access to us through the platform.

We also have a challenge forum which is used to provide more in-depth answers pertaining to nutrition and fitness so that everyone may benefit.


We provide you with the support you need to ensure the challenge is a success in your company. From tips to keep your employees engaged and on point to suggestions on internal events that ensures the challenge creates the buzz and morale boost you’re looking for.

You can contact us via email or phone and we’ll be right there assisting you when you need it.


There are three options for this 6 Week, Team Building, Morale Boosting, Lifestyle Challenge event.

Option 1: Sponsored Entries

If you are sponsoring your employees’ entries, you’d estimate the number of people doing the challenge in your company and purchase their entries directly from us. We’ll then issue you with a voucher code loaded with the given number of entries.

We discount the company participation fee when choosing this option.

For details on pricing please contact us on

Company Participation Fee Get in Touch!
Entry Cost (Per Member)
0-50 Members
0-100 Members
0-100 Members

Option 2: Co-sponsorship

If you are sponsoring a portion of your employees’ entries, you’d purchase a discount code based on the number of participants as well as how much you want to sponsor.

We’ll then issue you with a discount code that your employees will use upon registration for the challenge.

Company Participation Fee Get in Touch!
Entry Cost (Per Member)
0-50 Members
0-100 Members
0-100 Members

Option 3: Company Participation Only

If you choose to have your employees pay for their own entries, they will pay a discounted fee.

Company Participation Fee Get in Touch!
Entry Cost (Per Member)
0-50 Members
0-100 Members
0-100 Members

How do I get Started?

Contact us on and we’ll assist you right away.

Be sure to put all your contact details so we may reach you and setup a private appointment with you.

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