The KitchnBox™ Lifestyle Challenge

For Gyms & Coaches

What Is It?

The KitchnBox Lifestyle Challenge is an online, nutrition and fitness challenge that focusses on improving your member’s health, fitness and general wellbeing over 6 weeks.

The challenge takes the form of an online game which is scored based on the adherence to the 4 core rules of the challenge, i.e.: Nutrition, Activity, Mobility and Water consumption. Adherence to a rule earns the participant a point for each day.

Scores are totalled on our leader boards where we have a global leader board and an in-gym leader board, private to your gym only.

Team play is encouraged and your members can create their own teams within your gym to compete both internally and globally.

We create a fun, healthy and community driven environment for your members to participate, compete and enjoy together as a team.

How does this benefit my gym?

Reduced Churn

This particular challenge format and execution is a proven retention strategy. 80% of members who complete the challenge as it is designed are likely to remain long term members of your gym. Customer retention is key to your business’ survival.

Higher Class Turnout

The challenge is PROVEN to get your members training more consistently, hence getting them into your gym more often.

With a little competition, you'll to see your members hitting your gym harder and more frequently.

Earn Money

Tiered Commission Structure

We offer a tiered commission structure based on how many members beyond the first ten that you sign up. This offers you the opportunity of not only building your community and improving your members’ health and fitness, but allowing you to earn a percentage of ALL members that sign up through your business.

Not restricted to your members only

There’s a huge opportunity to earn commission not only through your direct members, but anyone that signs up through your business. This has the double benefit of you earning a commission for their entry as well as establishing a potential new customer when they sign up through your business.

Opportunity to increase your customer base

We’ve seen many gyms put up our banners on their websites and social accounts as well as ask current members to invite their friends/families. This has attracted a wider audience to their business and adds a new approach to attracting potential customers.

Some of our gyms have packaged introductory offers to the challenge to leverage the exposure they receive when partnering with us.

Free Marketing

Your success is our success, and we want to do everything we can to help you be successful.

So when you sign up we welcome you publicly on our social networking accounts. We also publicly recognize your contribution to the charity we align with at the time of each challenge.

We also share/like/tweet any promotion you may have that you want to package as part of the challenge to improve your customer acquisition rate.

The challenge actively encourages your members to tweet about their progress throughout the challenge and tag your social pages so as to drive as much traffic to your business as possible.


R30 of every registration fee goes to The Lunchbox Fund. A fund that focusses on fostering education via nutrition by providing a daily meal for orphaned and at-risk school children in township and rural areas of South Africa.


When we donate to The Lunchbox Fund, we tweet how many meals you as a business have contributed publicly. This gives you additional exposure and shows your brand to a potentially new audience.

How does the challenge work exactly?

The Start

We require that each participant sets their starting point on the challenge. This consists of the following:

  • Waist-to-Hip Ratio Measurement
  • Fitness Test Score
  • Nutrition Level Selection

We encourage you to make an event of the start of the challenge. This is a great opportunity to get all your members together in your gym at the same time and to make an event of it. You and your team can take their measurements and have them do the set workout together in your class. This is a great community building opportunity for your gym.

Once they have their measurements and score they will then record these on our platform. They will also then need to choose a nutrition level that they will they will stick to throughout the challenge.

Our nutritional guidelines offer three levels of ‘difficulty’/’strictness’ and dictates what foods they can and can’t eat throughout the challenge. More on this later.


Every day participants are required to record their scores in each of the 4 main rules: nutrition, activity, mobility and water. I.E. They must have eaten well, trained, mobilized (stretched) and hydrated for that day. (The training part is what motivates them to get into your gym more often).

Scoring and progress is then posted on the Challenge leader boards, this motivates and encourages participants to continuously strive to hit all their points each day (and your gym).

You get access to your gyms leader board and a private communications platform that you must use to monitor and encourage your members throughout the challenge. This is a great opportunity to further connect with your members and provide them with your support throughout the challenge. This is also key in running a successful challenge that will have your members raving about your gym.

Each participant has access to our unique challenge dashboard, where they can ask us questions and get support and advice. They also have access to our online challenge forum where they get to meet and communicate with other people on the challenge. This creates a really friendly, supportive and fun community.

We also continuously post recipes, tips and guidance under our forums to make sure everyone is fully supported throughout the challenge.

The End

At the end of the challenge, each person needs to do a re-assessment of their measurements and fitness tests. This is another great opportunity for you to create an event that gets your members into your gym at the same time. It’s always fun to see just how hard they push at this last test as they want to do better than they did the first time.

These scores then get fed into the lead board scoring and the overall winners are announced a week later.

You’ll see the winners in your gym and we encourage you to reward them with prizes. You can use this as an opportunity to provide them with your branded merchandise and have them tweet, share, like on social media to get you further exposure.

Due to the nature of the challenge and its global reach, and the fact that we cannot officially authenticate every single result, we don’t officially provide any prizes and leave that up to each individual gym to provide.

How do I launch the Challenge in my Gym?

Once you register we’ll provide all the support and advice you’ll need to run a successful challenge in your gym.

We’ll provide you with:

  • Instructions on how to start and run a successful challenge in your gym
  • Event ideas and opportunities to engage with your members
  • Promotional material (Introductory Email, Banners etc.)
  • A complimentary entry for you
  • Tooling to view your gym’s teams and members
  • Communications tooling to help you keep your members motivated, encouraged and involved
  • A private Gym Lead board to see how your members are doing against each other.

We’ll also setup your gym on our platform to make it as easy as possible for your members (as well as prospective members) to join you on KitchnBox.


We provide you with the support you need to ensure the challenge is a success in your gym. From tips to keep your members engaged and on point to suggestions on internal events that ensures the challenge creates the buzz and excitement you’re looking for.

You can contact us via email or phone and we’ll be right there assisting you when you need it.


What nutritional advice do we give your members and what can they/you expect?

In terms of the challenge, we have a set of nutritional guidelines. These guidelines dictate the foods the participants can and cannot have. In a nutshell they are:

Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, roots and tubers, and no sugar or refined and processed foods.

Based off this and over the course of our experience with this challenge we’ve built an exhaustive list of foods that aid performance and lower fat, cholesterol and sugar.

The guidelines form the basis of the points system, i.e. once a member has chosen a level (easy, strict, stricter or 1,2,3) they must adhere to eating only foods from that level for the duration of the challenge.

Nutrition Innovation

We provide a nutritional calculator on the challenge, which takes your members activity level and body fat percentage and then calculates the required macros they require on a daily basis.

We also provide 2 x 1 Week Meal Plan Templates.

We then use these numbers and feed them into our completely unique meal planning system which is able to calculate, to the gram, how much of each macro they need within a meal. The result is 2 unique meal plans, completely customized to each and every member with exact amounts of each food within every meal. I.E. How much Chicken, Avo and Sweet Potato can I eat for lunch?

This solution is completely unique to KitchnBox and forms part of our propriety platform that your members will have access to.

* These meal plan templates can be used completely as is or be used to provide your members with ideas on what they can have as well as how much they can eat.

* The nutritional points are given for members sticking the guidelines and not the meal plans.

Costs and Getting Started

To get started with the KitchnBox Lifestyle Challenge you’ll need to pay a small registration fee. This shows your commitment to running the challenge and covers our costs for setting up your gym on our platform.

Once you’ve registered, we’ll then provide you with all the support materials listed above and help you get your challenge going in your gym.

To get registered, please use the button below to contact us.

Your Success

This challenge is a tried and tested way to help you help your members improve their performance, accelerate their fat loss all while building on your gyms community.

We’ve focussed very specifically on making the platform one of engagement and community as this should be the core focus of any gym as it creates a place where likeminded people come together, train together and push each other ever forward.

All the successful gyms out there focus on this community aspect, of inclusion and team work. Get this right, couple it with principled and form focussed training and education on nutrition and your success is guaranteed.

We want you to be successful, and we believe that our platform and this challenge will help you get there.

Your Success is Ultimately Our Success!

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