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We love hearing from those who we have helped. Meet some other awesome people that took part in the previous challenges and see what they had to say

Paula R

I enjoyed that there's someone always available to answer questions and there's good recipes and hints to help us along

The challenge helped me learn how to eat the proper food and still enjoy good food and that I can actually do without a lot of the bad food that's no good.. I felt healthier and was a lot more active 😊

Kamal M

The KitchnBox challenge ensured that I pursued a gym routine at least 6 times a week.

It reminded me constantly to get adequate water and engage in mobility training on a daily basis.

It was extremely educational.

Well done to all those involved in creating the concept and challenge. Looking forward to the next one!

Claudia T

I really loved the communication and forums etc. It felt like I wasn't in this alone and like I had a friend with me also doing it all along. It helped to motivate all along the way.

The weekly challenges also made it fun and easier to get through the week. It made the time fly so quickly I can't believe 6 weeks have passed.

Awesome app guys and thank YOU for being there all along the way. Will miss u guys - until the next challenge 😄

Christine K

The Kitchnbox Winter Challenge is about sustainable change towards a healthier lifestyle.

It’s not just a diet or quick fix weight loss program - it helps you to make good nutrition, training and lifestyle choices on a daily basis that become a way of life even after the Challenge has ended.

It’s also completely customizable to your own needs and goals at the time, and that is why it is such a successful program.

This is the 3rd lifestyle challenge that I’ve participated in and each time I enter I learn something new, and achieve new goals.

I will definitely be back for more.

Laura K

I enjoyed logging on to KitchnBox as it motivated me to track myself and receive points and continue with the challenge.

I also enjoyed the recipes and tips for Nutrition - it helped knowing what to buy.

I don't think I could have made the 6 weeks on my own, and it's helped me to break some unhealthy nutrition habits :-)

Melanie S

Overall an excellent program. Lots of nutritional info as well as healthy habits to instill.

This challenge has definitely made me fitter and I am now at my goal body composition.

Of course there is always room for improvement but I can sustain this if I stick to the guidelines outlined by kitchnbox.

Thank you team!

Walter D

Loved the "at home" workouts that helped me big time.

The challenge is amazing and gets you focused and is certainly push start to getting fit and healthy.

Got me out of terrible habits and not be confident about my new habits and choices.


The challenge works and, combined with Crossfit you will improve your health big time!!!

Get on it!!!!

Makgobadi D

I enjoyed discovering that good food can also be tasty food and the benefit was that I had lost a few centimeters in just 4 weeks alone and I was already seeing a difference with some of my clothes fitting better.

My expectations were exceeded in that the dashboard provided some very insightful meal ideas and tips that helped as we went along with the challenge.

Michelle S

I really enjoyed doing this challenge!

I am feeling much better about myself & am aiming to make this a complete Lifestyle change!

The KitchnBox Team were very informative and always available to answer questions!

I enjoyed logging my points every day as I felt this helped motivate me.

Here's to a new ME!

Bradley M

Kitchnbox has helped me get healthier with great meal advice and recipes. I have really enjoyed this journey with them as I feel slimmer, fitter and healthier overall.

I enjoyed the constant support and food ideas that were posted on a regular basis.

Roben B

I've lost kilos in the 6 weeks, my eating hasn't been perfect, but neither am I... I am more conscious and aware of what I put in my mouth affects my body and my performance. No diet pill or magic mix can beat a bad diet, only good eating can.

My view is that you have to be honest with yourself, because although you compete with others, the competition is with yourself and your personal goals targets.

Siyabonga A

I liked the competition aspect of it and some of the meal suggestions in the forums.

It forced me to watch what I eat more closely and also up my fitness.

Roxanne C

Kitchnbox is an awesome way to change your lifestyle with the support you need.

It is a sure way to get your health back on track

Jennifer B

The challenge again helped me to be aware of what I was doing and how I was (or wasn't) taking care of myself.

Always useful and nice to have the support!

Aileen D

Challenge really assists in giving that extra focus, making the right choices regardless of the situation, and giving 110% effort.

To get on the right path one needs to be accountable, and loading daily points ensures you remain on the correct path and stay accountable!

Enjoyed - the fun being part of a community when changing lifestyle habits.

Although my habits are generally always paleo, there is always something to learn.

The information provided online and support is great.

Also enjoyed the spot challenges, which assists in taking one out of their comfort zone.

Roxanne T

I like that everyone can chat and communicate, save information, also provide recipe's and ideas etc...

Helps that you have to tick off things daily (Water, Nutrition, Fitness, Mobility). Which makes you stick to it.

I definately feel a lot healthier, I have lost cm's (well I feel like I have) waiting on measurements etc... to confirm same.

It's nice to be part of a group/community where a lot of people are in the same boat and can do this together.

Peter C

Doing the challenge helped me make real, sustainable lifestyle changes with awesome results!

I like the team aspect of the winter challenge as you are accountable not only to yourself but also your team and you really don't want to let them down.

Sharon C

It made me realize how easy it is to drink the correct amount of water each day, that stretching is as important as exercise.

Mostly it gave me the push I needed in order to do some form of exercise on a daily basis.

I still struggle, but the dashboard motivates me and miracles of all, I now eat salad and / or fruit (but still put my foot down with a NO when it comes to lettuce!!)

I think it's a brilliant programme but very, very strict.

Natali M

I liked experimenting with different 'better' foods as I love food!

I am happy to say that I did not miss pasta or bread as much as I thought I was going to....will be cutting those out more.

Walter D

Challenge is always a good way to focus the mind and re-enforce a discipline.

Some people take long to learn discipline and I'm definitely one of those people. I enjoy the whole experience and it motivates me to take account for my actions by keeping track of everything. points system is great.

Challenge is bad habit breaking formula and it helps you understand how disciplined you can actually be.

A new level of discipline and a new barrier is broken each time i do the challenge and gives me even more confidence to know I'm going in the right direction to a healthy lifestyle.

Feels good to feel good!!!

Peter W

This challenge has really helped me integrate my eating, fitness and lifestyle goals.

For the first time I also feel that I have gone a long way to changing my habits outside of challenge.

I feel like this is sustainable and enjoyable.

Jennifer B

This challenge helped me to start the new year off right...even though I wanted to get on track after the holidays with my diet and exercise routine.

I enjoyed the camaraderie of doing the challenge with other people both from my CrossFit Box and other places. I enjoyed all aspects, from the diet, to the exercise to the goal setting and the sleep--all areas that I need help with!

I know I wouldn't have made such an effort without the challenge encouraging me!

Eugenia P

The challenge made we feel much better physically and emotionally will continue to do it

I like the logging as it motivates you, and also, I've never exercised before so I thoroughly enjoyed it

Wendy F

It has helped with curbing my sugar addiction:-)

Ricky W

Enjoyed everything, lost weight and am back on track with diet and feeling good!

Mampele T

It has helped me to start exercising again as I had gone lazy.

Monica R

Enjoyed the challenge and interaction on the site.

It was great to see the progress through each week

Peter H

The main thing for me with the challenge is it makes you realize how easy it is to maintain healthy eating habits, at the start I had longing looks toward the sugary items in the shops and now I don't even notice those items.

Natalie S

I enjoyed the community aspect of the challenge.

It's nice to know and see that other people are going through the same experience as you and in a way, you've got a support system.

Working as part of a team is also a great idea, as you are both accountable to yourself and your partner/team mates.

The challenge helped me, by making me aware of both my good and bad habits.

It has also shown me that the challenge is not just a day by day task, but the day is broken up into so much more.

A lot of the time, when you go on a 'diet', if you mess up breakfast, you end up calling it a write off day, so then your let up on the exercise and water for that day.

It's nice to remember, that just because you mess up on one aspect you can still 'earn your points' on the other aspects.

I know that weight loss and general health is going to be an ingoing challenge for me, but with subtle changes and my commitment to Crossfit, the changes for the better are just going to keep on coming.

Dylan R

First challenge, really enjoyed it. Knowing I was on the challenge made it easier to be 'good'.

The challenged really helped me focus on training and good nutrition, it also made it easier to avoid situations where I might have cheated as the reassessment was always top of mind.

Eben K

I can physically see changes in my appearance that I thought would not be possible without a major change.

It was a shock to the system for the first two weeks, but there after I felt much better and can actually feel the difference that foods make to my body, where previously it was not obvious.

Camilla K

The challenge has helped me to focus on my own personal goals and development.

Furthermore, I have become more mindful of what I eat and how I exercise.

I have developed better habits in terms of my lifestyle and will strive to keep them going.

All the support, meal ideas, workouts and guidance, given by the team of experts, has been invaluable and has played a vital role to the success of my challenge!

It was a great experience and I am really proud of what I have achieved!

Thank you Team!

Kgomotso S

Enjoyed the daily tracking really helped me stay on track, thank you

Samantha R

What I enjoyed most about the challenge was that it lived out its name, in that it helped me to develop some healthy habits, mainly in the eating area.

This challenge made me really consider healthy the food was that I was eating, I never imagined how much sugar was in all the foods that I was eating.

It actually made me find out the "why's" behind some of the foods that were in the "no" category.

But all in all, the transformation challenge has done what I hoped it would do, and I can't think of too many things that I won't carry forward in the weeks ahead.

I am glad I did the challenge, especially doing it with my Crossfit community!

Mike C

This experience for me has been a life wake call!

I must say I'm the lazy one just cruising at the gym thinking I'm just fine but not as I entered the crossfit classes, WOW!

I got a wake up call. I have been as honest as possible in the challenge eating the correct foods and have been aware of the wrong ones.

I will continue to attend classes and adherence to all food's

Thanks for the opportunity, great fun and will def recommend to all my friends

Marion T

I had a very specific goal - needed to reach a certain weight for a powerlifting competition, and kitchnbox helped keep me on track, knowing that I had rules I had to stick to everyday.

Annelien S

Enjoyed the that we were a group of people that did it together (people from my box), made it easier.

Ive always struggled to drink enough water, but now for the first time in my life I'm in the habbit of drinking 6-8 glasses of water per day.

I've also always been very active, but never stretched nearly every single day.

Since the challange I've seen a huge improvement in my just stretching for 5min everyday.

I've always been a heathy eater, but since I've cut out dairy from my diet, I don't feel bloated at all.

The challange teached me a lot about my body and alternative ways off eating healthy.

Shari J

I really enjoyed being apart of wide community of people who were all focusing on getting fit and healthy. The guidance and reading other peoples feedback was very useful.

It helped motivate me to become more focused on my training and eating.

It was a wonderful way to bring the crossfit community together with the guidance of experts.

Keo B

I enjoyed the whole process. It definitely motivated me to try harder with exercising and eating healthier and etc.

This challenge definitely started my healthy habit of drinking a lot more water than I used to.

Thank you KitchnBox, I hope to do this again.

Paula V

I gym on a daily basis, so the exercise was nothing new to me. What helped me was to look what and how I was eating, and the fact that it was logged put the pressure on a little bit.

Your challenge helped me get my eating and drinking water on track.

Bruno C

I mostly used the challenge to track my points across the 4 areas (mobility, fitness, nutrition, water), and with the comparison against CFJ tool I could easily see what I was doing better/worse as compared to the team.

My example was water consumption, I was substantially below the norm and asked around how others were hitting the mark.

Not sure if I nailed it yet, but at least i know it's an area to focus on and have ways to do it. The same applied to mobility.

Ursula L

I loved the challenge completely and it's changed my eating habits, training and life.

I am hoping to continue this into my everyday life and this has given me a 'kick in the butt' to get things going in the right direction.

The way you compete as a group is a way not to cheat as you are not only cheating yourself, but other's as well.

The Winter Challenge has changed my body (and mind) beyond what I expected.

I honestly expected to lose 1-2kg, thought this would be a difficult diet where I need to weigh everything and I expected a tremendous amount of admin in the process.

What has happened was to the contrary - I have lost over 5kg, I have found a way to feel better and increase the energy levels I have.

This has, in turn, made me a more effective X Fitter and it has helped my running get better.

The best part of this challenge is I have realized a little bit more about the people I did the challenge with.

They are a great bunch of people I would now even call my friends :-)

Thanks again for everything and keeping us motivated, I can't wait for the next challenge. Count me in :-)

Michelle G

I loved the kick start to a new challenge and the bonus point challenges.

I found the yes/no list very useful as well as the meal plans.

My expectations were definitely met in regards to Kitchnbox and the support I received.

Janet B

Exceeded my expectations.

Highlighting key lifestyle changes required and seeing the results after 6 weeks - there is no going back...

Camilla K

I really enjoyed the team challenge it changed the dynamics of the challenge. I would like to see an app developed that I can utilize in between challenges to record where I am at in terms of my mobility, water etc.

This is my second challenge and it just keeps getting better, my body and mind is responding so much quicker. The Kitchnbox has helped me develop better habits by helping me be mindful of my fitness and eating routines. I highly recommend it!

Chantelle N

I'm 41 and haven't exercised in at least 15 years so it was definitely the push I needed to get moving and to focus on my diet and poor eating habits.

The challenge gave me the motivation and accountability that I needed in my quest to change years of bad eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle.

It was tough at times and I was by no means perfect (I cheated several times) but overall I'm healthier, slightly lighter and way more physical than I have been in many years.

So I'm chuffed with the results and motivated to push on until I reach my goals.

Thanks Kitchnbox and the Crossfit Jozi Girls and Coaches for your support.

Robert C

I enjoyed the the ease in which we could keep track of our choices i.e. Food, Excersise, Mobility etc.

This was my third challenge. And I've found it a lot easier with the breakdown of daily challanges within the challange to help!

Noa v

Enjoyed the accountability of logging points and bonus points.

Expectation met!

I have always considered myself a healthy individual, the challenge helped me to realize how often I was actually diverting from that.

The community and accountability really reinforced that living a healthy and balanced lifestyle is all about consistency

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